The hidden dark secrets of Zagreb

The hidden dark secrets of Zagreb

You walk around the narrow streets of the upper town in the middle of the day and you get the feeling of being safe with all the cafe’s around, the historical beautiful buildings and the passing by people. But have you thought of wondering around the same streets after 9 pm with the mysterious black queen? We did!!

Zagreb secrets
Iva Silla, the black queen

How did it all start? 

Iva Silla was digging in the history books of the city, connecting stories, extracting the original seeds of the legends and discovering a whole new face of the city of Zagreb. She shared her stories through her blog which became a host of her creative secretive walks.  Iva took us on an English speaking tour with a lantern in her hand, dressed in a black queen dress and guided us around the streets of the upper town, when a new reality was revealed.

Zagreb ghosts and dragons

That was the name of our tour. On a full moon night we started at the Kamenita Vrata or the stone gates. We got to know about the association of dragons which exists in Zagreb now. We noticed the oldest pharmacy of the city and the medicine advertisements which one of them was promoting a cream made of fairies and another one using Arsenic in its ingredients and recommended for children. We were able to connect the dragon to the hills of Medvedgrad. We then head to St. Mark’s Church which had many stories hidden beneath. We walked on  passages made from tombstones and climbed the medieval Priest’s (Popov) tower with the observatory through which we were lucky enough to see Saturn.  The tower had a great view of Zagreb by night. Then comes many haunted houses and one of them is for sale, you may consider buying it if you don’t mind its history as a mortuary.

Zagreb secrets
For sale

The End

The end was at the graveyard! Isn’t this the end of all of us? But yes that was the end of the tour a mysterious grave yard in the heart of the upper town.

Iva is a creative storyteller, passionate about history and about Zagreb. If you didn’t meet her yet, you may consider booking an appointment and joining one of her secretive tours. You may also want to know that although Zagreb ghosts and dragons tour is spooky but with Iva’s smart and funny comments, the tour turned into an enjoyable and unforgettable experience of the city.

Zagreb secrets
The hidden graveyard

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Zagreb secrets

We have discovered the mysterious dark secrets of the upper town.

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