A guide to finding accommodation in Zagreb

A guide to finding accommodation in Zagreb

You are new in town and in need for accommodation, you need to ask yourself the following:
1 – What kind of accommodation am I looking for?

۩ If you are looking for a hotel then check booking.com
۩ If you are looking for a hostel then check hostelworld.com

۩ If you are looking for a long term accommodation in a room or a studio or an apartment or maybe a house:

– The most popular website is http://www.njuskalo.hr/
Even real-estate agencies are publishing the apartments they have on this website. The challenge is that it is in Croatian but if you use Google translate you will manage. On Njuskalo, you can find an apartment to rent or to buy in addition to other categories in different other fields such as cars, furniture, electrical equipment…etc

Airbnb: Here you can find someone renting a room in their house or an independent studio or apartment or maybe a house with a garden.

– If you are looking for sharing an apartment you may try those Facebook groups:
Interns in Zagreb: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1497796657178374/
Expats in Zagreb: https://www.facebook.com/groups/41415719768/

2- What do I need to consider when looking for accommodation?

Location: You may consider an area near your work or university but if you have no commitments then you may look in the city center which is the most lively area in the city. If you have a car you may consider the hills of Maksimir, Dubruva, Črnomerec, Podsljeme …etc. If not then stick to the tram zone, at least you will not need to change many transportation to reach the center.
The tram is very efficient to use and is connecting large part of the city.
It may also be good to be near the main shopping malls, Arena or Avenue.

Price: You need to consider your budget, most of the websites have the facility to search with a maximum price in the search criteria. You may also compromise on your requirements to get the price you can afford. City center area is usually the most expensive but this can change if you are renting in the basement or in the attic. Price get cheaper as well when it is 4th of 5th floor without elevator.

Building age: In case you are looking for an authentic feeling and a high ceiling apartment then you won’t mind a building from the year 1880 that is renovated, but you may take into consideration that you may face problems with heating, plumbing, ..etc
Being in a building that is 20 years old or less doesn’t mean it is well built, for some reason, some years witnessed good construction and architecture while by time buildings were not built to last forever as it used to be. Try to check the building company and research if it has good reputation. This may not be important if you are renting, but very important when you are buying an apartment or a house.

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