6 ways to learn Croatian in Zagreb

6 ways to learn Croatian in Zagreb

How to learn Croatian?

To answer this question you need to ask yourself why do you want to learn Croatian?
Some are planning to live in Croatia and they want to master the language as an essential tool for connecting with the country and making it their home. Others need to learn enough to get around during their short stay. Some want to join university in Croatia and need the language for this purpose. You can also meet someone who finds it enough to know the basic words, such as good morning, thank you, excuse me….etc.

Here are 6 ways to learn Croatian each one fulfill one or more of your need to learn Croatian:

1- Croaticum

Croaticum is a centre for teaching Croatian as a foreign language, it is part of the faculty of philosophy and it is offering courses of varying length. The semester courses are the most popular as it is offering condensed daily classes. The winter semester begins in October and lasts until January of the following year.

The centre method of teaching for the semester courses depends on immersing the student in the Croatian language by offering the classes mainly in Croatian even for the beginner level. Also it offers language exercises lessons and phonetic (pronunciation) lessons in addition to Croatian culture trips to museums, theatres and sightseeing of Zagreb’s historical places.
The classes have different levels ( A2+, B1, B1+, B2, B2+, C1) and enrolling to the semester course is a legitimate reason to apply for residency in Croatia.

Croaticum is recommended for people who wants to study in Croatia, or needs an academic study of the language for their work or other reasons.
The semester courses requires great dedication as the daily class is followed by homework exercise. Also there are various exams at different points of the course.

The Good news is that Croaticum made their courses A1 and A2 available online for free.

2- Private language centers

There are few private language centers that are offering as well teaching Croatian for foreigners.
The programs offered and number of classes varies from one center to another.
Some may be condensed and others once or twice a week.
Here is a list of some of them

3- Private teacher

If you need a flexible option, this would be the best. You can agree with the teacher to have your classes at a certain place or they can come to you if it is more convenient. You can also choose the time that suits you and can be changed according to your busy schedule.
You can find here a link to Croatian teachers all over the world including in Croatia and Zagreb specifically

Here is a list of some private teachers

4- Language exchange

The concept is to exchange learning Croatian by teaching your native language or a language you master to someone else. You can do this by posting an announcement on expats groups or forums or by joining events such as Language Conversation Table
This could be a good way to practice your speaking skills or improve the language but is not recommended if you want to start from scratch. It could also be a difficult method if you need the language for academic purposes.

5- Learning online

There are many possibilities to learn online this could be by
– Mobile applications (Search your mobile store for learn Croatian apps)
Our favorite is Mondly languages
– Websites
Here is a list of websites that offers learning Croatian at the comfort of your home
Pimseleur, Is the simplest way to start speaking a new language.


6- Learn on your own

You can Learn Croatian on your own by:

– Getting involved in Croatia’s social life by attending events or volunteering in a Croatian association.
– Watching Television of English programs subtitled in Croatian or the opposite
– Reading dictionary or Croatian children books

Those were our suggestions to learn Croatian do you have more possibilities ? leave them in the comment box or send to contact@uniquezagreb.com

You may also want to join our English speaking meetups as we always have Croatian guests.

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  1. You can also try TUTOROO. They have native Croatian language tutors and speakers that you can hire to learn the Croatian language easier and effectively.
    You can choose your own tutor from this link: https://www.tutoroo.co/croatian-tutor and you can inquire directly with them about the classes.
    Check out their website for more information. Hope this helps!

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