Selling second hand stuff in Zagreb

Selling second hand stuff in Zagreb

How to sell your second hand stuff in Zagreb?

You are maybe an expat who is leaving Zagreb or maybe you just have something in a good condition that doesn’t serve you anymore.  Another scenario could be is that you just arrived in Zagreb and want to find stuff for your new home. Where can you find good second hand options for a reasonable price?

After 4 years of living in Zagreb I can finally answer this question. I was living in other European countries and there was always an English speaking Facebook group for selling / buying stuff for expats. When I first came to Zagreb I couldn’t find such groups so I created one and this is the first option I will recommend for this  purpose

1- Sell Donate Exchange Zagreb : English speaking Facebook group dedicated for selling, buying, donating or exchanging stuff in Zagreb.

2- Croatian Facebook groups for the same purpose : You can ask a friend to translate the description of the item you want to put there and try your luck.
Zagreb Oglasna Ploca
Kupi,Prodaj,Zaradi,Mijenjaj,Pokloni! –
Biciklistički djelovi/oprema (Prodaja – Zamjena)
Zagrebačka pijaca – Kupi, Prodaj, Zaradi, Mijenjaj, Pokloni!

Buvljak 2019 

3- The most famous platform

You can post your product for free for about a month.

4- Letgo mobile application: Create a profile and add your stuff and you can ofcourse browse other products that are available there if you are interested.
(Update: Letgo stopped the application in Croatia)

5- Hrelić : It is Zagreb flea market, if you wake up early enough around 5 or 6 am you can head there and reserve a good spot to sell your stuff.
The reservation fee is about 10 kn. Sunday is usually the most crowded day, so you better go on Sunday.

6- Organized events : Every now and then some markets are being organized for such a purpose, I joined one “ Buvljak” which was organized in the art park in the city center. It was free to join but unfortunately I didn’t sell anything as half an hour later it started to rain and as it was an open air market we had to pack and run.  I also organized few markets via Unique Zagreb and it ended up with exchanging more than selling.  You can read about it here.

The American school also organize a market at the end of the school year and reserving a table costs about  50 kn. In this event I sold 2 Items, one shoes and a brand new door gym.

If you know of  another way to sell stuff in Zagreb that was not mentioned here, feel free to send to

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