What to do in Zagreb?

What to do in Zagreb?

I thought I knew what to do in Zagreb after living here for about 4 years but after talking to Ivana Ćurić who is a tour guide with unique recommendations of the city I discovered that I have much more things to do and discover in this magical peaceful city.

In episode number 4 of Unique Zagreb Podcast Ivana is sharing her suggestions of what to do in Zagreb. Below you can listen to the podcast episode and  find links to her recommendations.

Listen to the episode for more information here

01. Kafići – Rooftop VMD u Strojarskoj https://www.facebook.com/rooftoplateral/

Bacchus  https://www.facebook.com/bacchusjazzbar/
Cat cafe  https://www.facebook.com/catcafelounge/

Potter cafe https://www.facebook.com/PotterCaffe/

02. Culinary Zagreb – Cooking school of raw food (Zelenarium) https://zelenarium.com/
Eat With https://www.eatwith.com/
Špeceraj https://www.facebook.com/speceraj.hr/

03.Meetups – Couchsurfing community where they learn foreign languages https://www.couchsurfing.com

04. Escape room –Labirintanje https://www.escaperoomsmaster.com/company/labirintanje/

05. Parks – Summer in Art park, winter in Stross, Medvednica

06. Events by Syncro https://www.synergy-croatia.com/,

07. Festivals – Zagreb DOX, ZFF, Svijet na tanjuru (world on a plate)

08. Tourist routes – Secrets of Grich http://www.tajnegrica.hr/index.php?lang=en
Secret Zagreb http://www.secret-zagreb.com/
Read about our tour with Secret Zagreb and watch the video

09. Happenings – Dvorišta http://dvorista.in/en/titan-saturn-personal-landing-page-en/
Advent http://www.adventzagreb.com/

10. Restaurants – FidelGastro http://fidelgastro.hr/
Haustor Haus, Marinada.

11. Nightlife – Museum Katran https://www.facebook.com/MUSEUM.Katran/
Masters https://www.facebook.com/masters.zagreb/
Medika https://www.facebook.com/akc.medika/
Alcatraz http://alcatraz.pondi.hr/
Swanky https://www.facebook.com/swankymonkeygarden/

12. Different – Kaptol Boutique Cinema https://www.kaptolcinema.hr/

Museum of Broken Relationships  https://brokenships.com/

13. Gaming – Meeple’sCorner https://igranje.hr/igraonica-meeples-corner

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