Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten-free food in Zagreb

Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten-free food in Zagreb

If you are looking for vegan / vegetarian or gluten free food, it must be challenging to find possibilities that matches your diet requirements specially if you want to eat out or have food delivery.

I am a Pescetarian and I care mostly about organic food while my husband is a vegan.

Our favorite restaurants

We usually go to two restaurants, the first is Vegehop. It has a rich daily menu with vegan options usually includes a soup, main dish and salads. What is special is that they have a variety of vegan cakes so you can follow your meal with a dessert.

The second restaurant  is Zrno,  I am the one who always suggests Zrno because I like how they grow their own food organically,  the owners are also founders of Bio&Bio shops which has many branches all over Zagreb and provides organic food options from vegetables and fruits to other pantry items such as flour, rice, lintels…..etc.   The menu in Zrno is a bit limited but also they offer dessert options such as vegan ice cream and cake.

We also go every now and then to an Indian restaurant this could be Royal India or Bombay grill, you can always find vegan options but we mainly go for the samosa and sometimes we order it for takeaway. I actually organized once a Samosa meetup.

Fast food

When it comes to Pizza, we prefer Spizza in Jarun as it is near where we live and they have a vegan pizza with toppings  of vegetables or  mushroom. It is a bit expensive but worth trying out.

When it comes to vegan burgers or falafel we prefer green point and Koykan.  They both are in the city center but Koykan has other branches around Zagreb as well.


Sushi fans, I must admit that before Ever green I felt lost, it was difficult to find fresh, delicious sushi but luckily I didn’t have to wait long. one or two years after I arrived Ever green opened its doors and since that time I am a faithful customer. We usually order the tiger veggie rolls and some spring rolls on the side. The only thing is that you have to reserve in advance in order to guarantee your place inside and if you are going to have your sushi as take away you may have to wait for 30 to 45 minutes.

Through Unique Zagreb I have organized a vegetarian meetup at Vegehop, as usual a great mix of warm chat and food. Read all about it here.

I should also mention that every year there is an important event for animal lovers and a celebration of vegan food at ZegeVege festival. It is usually held in September and I had the pleasure of meeting the strongest vegan man there. Check the video I shot with him here.

I still have more to discover and that’s why I am happy to include in the following list the experience of a member of the expats community  “Michael Anderson”  who put together a list of the vegan / vegetarian / gluten free places he tried during his stay in Zagreb. The following list also includes recommendations from other expats and I added to it my input as well.

If you have any suggestion or recommendation send to

List of places offering vegan / vegetarian / gluten free food

A burger & Champagne Bar
Vlaška ul., 10000, Zagreb
Bar / restaurant in center of town, can adapt to vegan / gluten free. Good vegetarian burger, fries / chips…

African Cuisine & Bar
Gundulićeva ul. 13, 10000, Zagreb
Not really a vegan place though nice guys, something different, and they can easily adapt to vegan

Bombay grill
Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 74, 10000, Zagreb
Cheap samosa and other vegan dishes.
Read about our samosa meetup @Bombay grill

Fast Food Vege Fino
Ul. Lavoslava Ružičke 48, 10000, Zagreb
Serves soups, sandwiches, burgers, cakes. Located near Filozofski Fakultet or faculty of philosophy

Food Expert
28I, Jurišićeva ul., 10000, Zagreb
Great vegan and raw fast food to take away or eat in their café.

Food Harmony
Paromlinska cesta 11A, 10000, Zagreb
Regular with normally vegan / vege options, delivery and take out only

Vlaška ul. 7, 10000, Zagreb
Best salad in ZG! Great soups and stews. Very vegan friendly. Eat-in restaurant or take away.

Green Point
Varšavska ul. 10, 10000, Zagreb
Healthy, inexpensive fast-food including hemp/ Seitan burger and falafel.

Gyoza & Sake BAR
Boškovićeva ul. 6, 10000, Zagreb
Gluten free vegan combo on demand. You need to order in advance.

Japanski restoran Tekka
Radnička cesta 37b, 10000, Zagreb
Has a separate gluten-free menu

Juice Box
Vlaška ul. 72B, 10000, Zagreb
Take-out homecooked food with a different menu every day. Freshly squeezed juice. A few locations through Zagreb.

Koykan Gajeva
Gajeva ul. 8, 10000, Zagreb
Fast-food with four locations around the center, good falafel, potatoes wedges with tahini sauce.

Selska cesta 217, 10000, Zagreb
Vegan and gluten free options

Royal India
Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 26, 10000, Zagreb
Indian restaurant, vegan options including samosa.

Read more about our experience with the restaurant.

Simple Green by Jelena
Jablanska ul. 24, 10000, Zagreb
Great lunches for delivery, and vegan burger – not near the center

Spizza Italian Restaurant
Palinovečka ul. 19, 10000, Zagreb
Regular restaurant, offering gluten free pizza – Located out of the center at Jarun

Ul. Nikole Tomašića 6A, 10000, Zagreb
Vegan / gluten free options

Vlaška ul. 79, 10000, Zagreb
Excellent sit-down restaurant. Very diverse menu. Daily new menu and fresh vegan cakes.

Vis a vis by Vincek
Tomićeva ul. 2, 10000, Zagreb
Vegan and gluten free desserts

Zrno bio bistro
Medulićeva ul. 20, 10000, Zagreb
Very good sit-down vegan restaurant that is the extension of a local organic farm. Nice people, tastes fresh, Limited menu options.


Final Vegan tips

Big branches of Konzum have vegan parmesan cheese, Seitan and tofu.

Vegan options such as tofu, setain, soy products, vegan yogurt are available at Bio & Bio, Garden shops


Learn more about Being vegan in Zagreb, listen to this episode of our podcast.
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