Indian Samosa meetup with a spicy chat

Indian Samosa meetup with a spicy chat

This time we thought of Indian Samosa, It is cheap, delicious and a great way to try our new discovery which is “Bombay Grill”, Another Indian restaurant in Zagreb.

Indian Samosa meetup
It maybe for some the first time to try samosa
Indian Samosa meetup

The people

We had to limit the attendance to 8 people as the restaurant is small. People started arriving one after the other although the weather was rainy and cold. Around the table gathered the International crowd with – as usual – a strong Croatian presence. We had USA, Hungary and Spain this time in addition to the local participants.

Indian Samosa meetup
Gathering around the table

The food

If you don’t know Samosa is a fried pastry with savory filling. This time it was filled with potatoes, green peas and peanuts.

The surprising news was that the restaurant doesn’t serve coffee or tea or the famous Mango lassi. Drinks options were Sweet lassi which is a blend of yogurt, water and spices and tea with milk. Yes! they don’t’ serve tea but they serve tea with milk. It is mystery that needs to be resolved.
When it comes to the food, it was very delicious, mildly spicy and  freshly cooked. For someone hungry two Samosas were not enough for sure so some had to order some extra main dishes.

Indian Samosa meetup
Sweet Lassi
Indian Samosa meetup
A warm chat in a rainy, cold day

The chat

When strangers come together the chat is usually about discovering each other’s country of origin and their career fields, basically what they do in life!
Programming, architect and researching were the main fields, and then comes the life experiences what you saw in other countries what you like about the city and what you don’t. The Croatian language and how to master it and is it essential to find your way around the city? Is having a business more relaxing than having a 9 – 5 job?
Many other enjoyable topics were discussed and that’s how we spent Saturday’s afternoon.

Indian Samosa meetup
A touch of India

This is not our first unique International gathering around food, you may also check our vegetarian meetup

Want to feel the spirit of the meetup? Check the video

Samosa meetup 2017

Unique Zagreb Expats Samosa meetup 2017At Bombay Grill Indian CuisineSoon read about it at

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  1. would love to meet up with this group, we recently moved to Zagreb from US and will be here for a year, we are retirees and enjoying the laid back lifestyle here, everyone we have met are really nice and friendly.

  2. Hi group I am an Indian chef and happy to teach how to make samosas and few other snacks to the willing ppl in the group.

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