My first picnic ever!

My first picnic ever!

Organizing a picnic in Zagreb in June is an adventure. Do you want to know why?
Well, June is one of the spring months, and spring here means storms, rain, clouds and sun all in one day. After postponing many times, we finally did it and it was a very beautiful experience. Coming from Egypt I had no previous opportunities to join a picnic so that was my official first picnic.

Organizing started with the famous red and white chess pattern table cloth. And using origami to make little picnic baskets filled with some goodies for each one attending the picnic.
This event is one of our dish sharing series so participants can pay or simply bring a dish.

The menu this time from my side was couscous with cashew, Hummus sandwiches with avocado, mushrooms with cheese and tomatoes. Usually we have expats but this time it was a Croatian picnic except for me. Ana and Ivan shared with an amazing Guacamole and raw cake made with nuts, dates and Berries.
We were also joined by Kristijan and his intelligent son Robert. Kristijan brought different kind of beer from different countries, UK, Ireland and Germany.
Again it was great to combine delicious food with a great company.

See you in our coming event and here are the photos.

Theresa Khalil

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