Happy 160 Birthday, Nikola!

Happy 160 Birthday, Nikola!

The whole world celebrates 160 years of Nikola Tesla’s Birthday on 10th of July. Zagreb celebration was organized by Nikola Tesla association in Zagreb: Udruga “Nikola Tesla Astralni Genij”. We were there and we witnessed this beautiful atmosphere.
Pero Jelisić exhibited his Nikola Tesla sculptures, if you want to know more about this man who dedicated his life to Nikola Tesla, check the whole story here.

Daniel Galay came from Israel to share his music which started with a contemporary piece followed by 4 musical mini pieces under the title from La to La La La, one was titled the laboratory another was the Lava which fits perfectly with Nikola Tesla’s inventions.
The night ended with a jam session by a great voice and guitar performance.
Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

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