Unique international restaurants in Zagreb

Unique international restaurants in Zagreb

When we say “unique restaurant” we don’t mean rare to find in Zagreb, but rare to find in any city around the world. We will guide you this time through this discovery journey, we hope you enjoy the stories, the photos and give this tasty food a try.
Our first visit was to Cro.K-korejski restoran/한식당, The Korean restaurant owned by Won Soyeon who came to Zagreb 8 years ago. She is a young Korean mother, her husband works in Zagreb and once her kids started their school she thought of a project through which she can share the Korean culture. As she holds a degree in food coordination, opening a restaurant for Korean food was the project she went for. The restaurant is more of a Korean cultural center, she paid attention to every detail, her aim was to provide the restaurant visitors with the whole Korean experience.

You will find a griller in the middle of the tables, all fabrics and designs are made in Korea. The restaurant also organizes workshops for gift wrapping, specially wine bottles. There is a small Korean exhibition inside and on top of all this the food is very tasty and has a wide variety which suits everyone even if you are a vegetarian or vegan.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity and not to ask Soyeon about Koreans and dogs meat! She explained how that this was a sad story of how in ancient times, poor people were eating dogs or some believed that it is good for their energy.” But now the majority don’t eat dogs meat and in our restaurant we serve chicken, pork and beef “.

Soyeon found that most Croatians who came to her restaurant shared the same statement “It is the first time we try a Korean restaurant” she hopes that more and more people would give it a try and open up for trying food from different cultures.

Our recommendation for you is to try the sweet Green apricot tea and if you are vegetarian why not try the tofu Bibimbap which is a mixture of vegetables, mushroom, tofu and rice in a very special bowl served with a spicy sauce.
One of the most popular dishes is Bulgogi-beef where the beef is cut thinly and marinated in special Korean sauce.

The restaurant is exactly behind Trg bana josip jelačića, a very popular location and easy to get to. When you enter don’t think that’s all, as there is still more tables downstairs ready for groups and big families.

Next we visited the Brazilian restaurant “Rodizio do Brasil Zagreb ” which is not in the city centre and the reason is clear, it is not possible to have such a huge space in the crowded centre of Zagreb. The manager of the restaurant, Hrvoje, is an ambitious young Croatian, passionate about his work. He introduced us to every little detail of the Brazilian cuisine. And everything has a story behind it. The restaurant idea came from a Brazilian man married to a Slovenian, they opened their first restaurant in Ljubljana and when the project succeeded they opened their second branch in Zagreb. The restaurant is fancy, elegant and the meat (Rodizio) is freshly grilled in what is called “Churrasco” which is a room dedicated for cutting the meat and grilling it. Then comes Ivo a very friendly Brazilian waiter and his mission is to serve the meat on the sword, an authentic experience worth trying. This is combined with an open buffet of salads freshly made on daily basis.

Now for the drinks, you should not miss this bubbly fresh “Guarana”, the flavour can be best described as “apple-ish”. Then why not try Brazil’s national liquor “Cachaca” It is served in two ways, first one is if you want to feel the burn, you can try it as it is with lime. The other method is to mix it with crushed ice, sugar and lime which makes it lighter and in this case it is called “Caipirinha”.

The restaurant starts working at 12 pm every day. Friday and Sunday evening at 8:00 pm you can enjoy your dinner to the beats of the Samba show.
One last thing if you will search for the restaurant at the mentioned address Horvacanska cesta 23 you will probably not find it, best way to describe the address is at the intersection of Horvacanska cesta and selska cesta.

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Have you tried any of those unique restaurants? don’t hesitate to share your experience with us, or if there are more unique restaurants that were not covered here, let us know.
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