Zagreb summer meetup: A unique picnic

Zagreb summer meetup: A unique picnic

You maybe looking for Zagreb summer activity that is away from the traditional touristic suggestions, if this is the case then this picnic is for you.

Why the picnic is unique?

We succeeded in creating an international, local gathering connecting people on a deeper level. Beside the common questions of where are you from and what are you doing in Zagreb, we tried to discover more about each person, how they think and what are their interests in life.

This created a special atmosphere and melted the ice or broke it with the ice breaking games.

Zagreb summer picnic
Breaking the ice is fun

What are the ice breaking games?

They are a selection of games that encourage sharing, openness, listening, cooperation and discussion, providing a useful ‘getting to know you’ or ‘group building’ introduction for a small group.

The first game was to imagine that you will be on an isolated island for a year and you may take one piece of music, one book (which is not the Bible) and one luxury item you can carry with you i.e. not a boat to leave the island! What would you take and why?’

Then a question that says “If you could have any question answered, what would it be? ” and another saying “If you could talk to anyone in the world, who would it be? ”

Our last game was to make each one pick up a folded paper, open it and talk about the topic written in the paper for not less than 1 min.

The games broke the ice and people started mingling around and continue the conversations that was initiated in the games.

What about food?

Each person shared with special dish they made or a snack they bought or some fruits and drinks.

We had Kisir, a Turkish dish made by Hatice, a full vegan set menu made by Mario including rice spring rolls, artichoke dip plus a delicious dessert made of oat, banana and dates. Then we had a full ice box filled with goodies such as Mozzarella cheese salad, fried paprika with garlic and much more special home made dishes by Kaja.

Zagreb summer picnic
Delicious food

If you are interested in food, you may also check our International cooking and lunch meetup which repeats on a periodic basis just sign up for the newsletter or follow us on our Facebook page to get notified with the coming meetups.

Now we leave you with the photos and video that will say much more than a thousand words can tell.

Jarun Unique picnic August 2017

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