Tea time in Zagreb

Tea time in Zagreb

It is always interesting to discover other cultures. You may learn something new specially from a culture with an ancient history like China. JING YUAN Tea house is a new discovery and maybe the only tea house in Zagreb. This time we organized a tea ceremony event in which we discovered the main 6 types of the Chinese tea and how to drink tea the Chinese way. The event was hosted by 王宗圆 or wang who moved to Zagreb with his wife and son to start a new life.

The place is very warm and filled with details mostly related to tea and the Chinese culture.
The tea menu started with the Green and yellow tea which contains more caffeine and are less fermented according to wong. This kind of tea is good to drink in the morning or when need to feel refreshed. As advanced you go into the menu as less caffeine the tea is and more fermented which is better to have after a meal.
For the tea ceremony which is the tea serving process the number of attendees is up to 6 people.

Around the table gathered Croatia of course, Spain, Albania, Hong Kong, USA and Egypt. The ceremony started with  choosing the type of tea which was Oolong, we then skipped the first cup of tea because this one is just for washing the cups and giving them the needed energy. The process was very relaxing and we also had the option to choose the scent and music.

Now we leave you with more photos.

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