Christmas ornaments made the Croatian way

Christmas ornaments made the Croatian way

A visit to the Ethnographic museum made us discover a simple, creative and natural method to create ornaments. You can use it to decorate a Christmas tree or simply keep it as a creative piece of art made by you.

Our visit began with a tour guided by Anastazija who explained to us in brief important aspects of how was the social life in Croatia. How the girl with a braid was a symbol of her being ready to get married. While there is a certain kind of hair cover that shows that this woman is married and not looking any more.

We were also introduced to the costumes of different regions of Croatia but what was brilliant, a rain coat made the ancient way.

We then moved to the workshop  which was about making ginger bread or Licitars. Licitars are colorfully decorated biscuits made of sweet honey dough that are part of Croatia’s cultural heritage, and are used as ornaments. Anastazija explained to us that it takes very long time to prepare and so we will make a simple version made of the following ingredients
– Amount of flour + Same amount of salt
We then add water bit by bit till we form a dough. The dough can be shaped into any form we want and then comes the drying procedure. The shaped dough is put on a carton and left to dry on the heater or in the sun for a day or two.

Isn’t it great to immerse in the traditional Croatian culture?!

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