How to watch films in Zagreb? Zagreb films in English!

How to watch films in Zagreb? Zagreb films in English!

Here we are sharing with you many possibilities of watching Zagreb films in English.

Luckily, Croatia is not one of the countries where films are being dubbed except for children films.

If you are interested in Hollywood movies, then it is Cinestar cinema! They have many branches around Zagreb, one is in Branimir mall, another in Arena mall and one in Avenue mall. A new branch is now opened in Kaptol mall as well.

By checking each link you will find the possibility to book online if you have the Cinestar card which you can apply for at any of the cinema branches. The card entitles you to free tickets. You can read more about the discounts and offers of the card here.

We recommend you try the Gold class option at least once. You will be seated in a special cinema hall with very comfortable seats, big distance between you and your neighbor. You will be offered also a drink and a warm snack.

Cinestar cinema, Zagreb films
Cinestar cinema

More cinema theaters?
You also have cineplexx cinema in Žitnjak.

For more alternative movies you have Kino Europa and now they have English subtitled movies every Tuesday. You can check their schedule here

In Kino Tuškanac, you can watch movies you have missed in the cinema in addition to other special films from around the world depending on the program. Check it out here

There are also film festivals around the year
ZagrebDox for documentary film
Zagreb film festival for fiction films
Animafest for animation films

We have also organized some English speaking film screening meetups followed by discussions. You can know more here

Unique film screening, Zagreb films
Unique film screening

Have we missed any English speaking film screening possibility ?
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