Exploring the museum of illusions!

Exploring the museum of illusions!

Looking for something unique to do in Zagreb?

What could be more unique than a museum for the tricks of the human’s brain. It was our first time to visit this kind of museums and it was really interesting and fun to experiment and discover.
Great thing is that you can touch everything around you which is not common in most museums where touching is forbidden. Not only that but you can experience different rooms and different feelings in each room.

Who is the giant ?

To begin with, we loved the sliced mirror where you can illustrate a new face by using the reflection of two faces. Then there was the illusion of standing upside down just because they put the plants in the ceiling in a way to make it seem like a floor. Taking photos not only was allowed but was great fun to experiment with the camera. In the infinity room we experienced the illusion obeing in a room with mirror walls.

The most terrible feeling was in the tilted room, where the walls are perpendicular to the tilted floor, this cause a feeling of dizziness and we challenge you to stay in this room for more than 20 seconds without losing balance.

The museum is dedicating a big area for 3D photos and the illusion of seeing the object popping out of the frame or change to another image.

Also there are many challenging puzzle games to immerse in. You can buy some of those games in the museum shop and take them home to extend your fun time.

Now for more photos, and here is a link to the museum website http://muzejiluzija.com/en/

The location is great close to the main square trg Bana Josipa Jelačića and the ticket price is 40 kn for adults.

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