Your guide to discounts and offers in Zagreb

Your guide to discounts and offers in Zagreb

If you are a fan of discounts and offers and need a guide to the best deals available in Zagreb, here is all what you need to know.
We gathered for you information about discount cards offered by the most famous shops plus websites which offers deals and discounts. It may be difficult to get around with this if you don’t know Croatian, but we hope this article will encourage you to get the most out of the opportunities available and save you some money.


Used in Konzum, Zagrebačka banka, HT, Allianz, MultiPlus mobile, Tisak, Kozmo, Atlas, Pevec, Intersport, Modiana

Getting the card:
– Ask for application form at one of the MultiPlusCard Partners
– Fill in the online form: (in Croatian)

Collecting points:
You will receive coupons by mail and when you take them to the shop, your bill will be less for the amount of points calculated to kuna. In order for you to receive the coupons you must be over the threshold which is 350 points for Konzum, for other partners it varies between 150-275 points.

It really depends on the paying method, cash, card. etc.., or if you are using Zagrebačka banka card which is connected with the MultiPlusCard, partner shop etc… (in Croatian)
The most simple case: if you are paying with cash, in Konzum, for every 4kn spent you will get 1 point. When using the points for every 25 points you will get 1kn.
So, for every 1000kn spent you will “earn” 10kn.
Also when using MultiPlusCard in Konzum you might receive special discount coupons for selected products for your next purchase.

When MultiPlusCard finally arrives you will be pleasantly surprised because you will receive the main card as well as several small keychain cards which can be used by your family members or added to your key medal.


Getting the card:
– They say you can get it online
– From the shop

Collecting the points and the calculations:
For every 15kn you will get 1point.
Threshold for using points is 300kn. After you collect 300 points you can exchange them for product in the value of 100kn (for every 3 point you get 1kn) .
So for every 1000kn spent you will “earn” 22.22kn.

You can also exchange points for the coupons for Makronova workshops (which are on the discount for bio&bio card holders).
You don’t get more copies of the card, but you can connect two cards and collect the points with you better half. Also you can present the picture of the card (side with the barcode) on your smartphone and use this to collect points (I am not sure is this official policy of the shop, it was possible at the time of the writing).


Getting the card:
– Ask for application form in the shop, temporary card will be included
– In the shop on the “dm active beauty” terminal read the barcode of the temporary card and enter the required data
– Or take the application form and the temporary card home and enter the required data online on:
– Use the temporary card until you get the real card in the mail (approx 6 weeks)

Collection the points and the calculation:
For every 10kn you will get 1 point.
But in DM points are not recalculated to kn, but you can exchange them for discounts and trips (travelling).
150 points
150 points can be exchanged for discounts between 50% and 25% on selected products

(you can check them in the “Knjižica za 150 bodova” (Booklet for 150 points) which you can get in the store or online: .
Or 150 points can be exchanged for the 15% discount on the total amount of the purchase.

To get the discount you need to print the discount coupon by yourself on the “dm active beauty” terminal in the shop, and then present both the coupon and the card at the cashier.
100 points
For 100 points you can get 25% discount on the product of your choice.
To get the discount you need to print the coupon by yourself on the “dm active beauty” terminal in the shop, and then present both the coupon and the card at the cashier. Discount can not be used for mobile phone top-ups or gift cards.
Less than 100 points
You can exchange them for various discounts on various products which are being constantly updated on the web site: ( )

You will get only one card, but via the “dm active beauty” terminal you can ask for 4 additional cards. For now we are using both temporary card and the “real” card without any problems.

CineStar Cinemas

Getting the card
Fill in the application form at CineStar cashier. You will select your 4 digit pin and put at least 60kn on the card. All the money you put and the points you earn can be used for buying tickets and other things available at CineStar.

Collecting points:
– Each time you put money on the card (which you can do at the CineStar cashier or over the net) you will get bonus tickets if the amount is more or equal 200kn:
200-349kn: 1 ticket
350-479kn: 2 tickets
480-629kn: 3 tickets
630-∞: 4 tickets
Bonus tickets can not be used for IMAX, 4DX and/or Gold Class movie and for the movies advertised as “Spectacles” (Spektakli).

– For each 10kn you spent on buying tickets over the internet (via page) or at the machine in the cinema “Cinemat” you will get 1 point (1 point = 1 kn)
When you buy tickets over the internet, you do not need to wait in the line, you can print it at home, or just show the ticket (QR code) on your smart phone to be scanned at the entrance.
– For every 20kn spent at the Cinestar cashier you will get 1 point (1 point = 1 kn)
– “Moja CineStar srijeda” – My Cinestar Wednesday. On Wednesday you can buy tickets for 19.90kn without the complications of getting the extra code for this discount offer. (This offer is not valid for public holidays, Gold Class and 4DX)
– If you decide to watch Croatian movie – you will earn double points 🙂

Group shopping
To check almost all offers from many group shopping web sites visit:

Price comparison
Many shops (not all) list their products here, so you can search for the best price for any given product. I often use it for IT products.

Although Zagreb have many fine bicycle shops, if you want to check out best deals from EU shops go to

List of catalogues and sales for many supermarkets and shops.

Please contact us at

if you know of any other discounts or offers and we will gladly publish them on our website and facebook page.

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