Zagreb escape: Donja Stubica, the battle!

Zagreb escape: Donja Stubica, the battle!

This week we left Zagreb and head to Donja Stubica which is 50 min away. We managed to battle our way to go and come back in the free bus. Which matches with the show theme, our main motivation to visit the town.

There was only one bus and it wasn’t enough for the increasing number of people who were looking forward to watch the show.
Let’s first know more about this unique event.
When: 1573
Where: Croatia
Who: Matija Gubec
What: The peasants decided to stop paying their dues to the lords. They were declared by the Croatian Parliament traitors. And the battle began under the leadership of Matija Gubec who was inspiring for many men to join the revolt.
Over many days of battling the peasants were defeated and Matija Gubec was taken to Zagreb where he was tortured in pubic and executed.

on the way

Every Year in the beginning of February a re-enactment of the peasant rebellion takes place in the town of Donja Stubica. And this huge show is what we really enjoyed. It was a journey back in time with the costumes, fire, cannons and stunning actors and actresses who are doing this with great love and immersing in their roles with passion.

We hope the photos and video will make it up for you if you missed the event this year and maybe encourage you to visit next year.

Burning the tent

More about the battle (in english) and legendary peasent leader Matija Gubec:

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