Branimirova wall photography tour

Branimirova wall photography tour

Our tour this time was targeting the graffiti wall in Branimirova Street.

The wall is 450 meter long, we first walked along the other side of the street as we got a distant view of the wall art, then we head back alongside the wall for a closer look.

Branimirova street is a busy one as it connects the main train station with the main bus station, but as it was Saturday it wasn’t as busy as it is usually and we were able to take creative photos in peace.

Photos in this tour are through many eyes: Ana from Philippines,
Iulia  from Romania, Pau from Spain, Dario from Croatia, and Theresa from Egypt.

Enjoy this unique street art painted by a number of selected artisits and photographed through unique international and local eyes.

 What is the secret behind 2109 which is repeated all over the wall?

Iulia trying to get a good shot

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