Meet an expat- Things to do in Zagreb in winter?

Meet an expat- Things to do in Zagreb in winter?

Zagreb winter! If you are wondering what can you do in Zagreb in winter, then we hope that the following lines will inspire you. There are many things to do in Zagreb in Winter.

Monica from Italy and Nihal from Egypt are not used to the cold weather but it seems they are enjoying their stay in the Croatian capital in winter.

Monica Trotta says in her Italian accent:

Is the first time in my life that I’m living a real winter! Usually in Rome we don’t have snow and it’s rare that it’s cold like here! So at the beginning i believed that was impossible for me enjoy this freezing atmosphere but i was wrong!

Zagreb in the winter is fabulous, Christmas time was beautiful, full of light and market where I enjoyed Kuhano vino and a lot of good kobasica! Almost every evening we had a little concert or just a walk in the center of the city.

After Christmas the situation it’s a little bit different because there is a fucking cold and people prefer to stay at home. But fortunately we found other ways to enjoy our free time like dance and do sport.

Zagreb winter - Christmas

Our favorite pub are bikers beer pub and Vintage industrial bar where we have swing and Charleston lessons. Sometimes we go there to some little concerts or just to chat with some new friends.

Zagreb winter - expat life

We also love Croatian food, so we like to try restaurants and bistros. 

It possible to go to the cinema because you can always find films in English.

Now with the snow is possible to go on Sljeme for a long walk or for skiing. 

We love to leave for the weekend to explore all Croatia, from the cost to Slavonia.

Zagreb winter - Sljeme

Nihal Ramzy has 3 favorite activities in winter, she says:

1- Sljeme:

I enjoy a short walk from Sestinski Lagvic restaurant till Kraljicin zdenac. I go on the trail on a good day, or when I am well prepared for the ice with spikes and sticks. Otherwise, I would go on the road. The trip takes around one and half hour with a casual pace.

Zagreb winter - snow

2- Cmrok:

I love the festive mood at Cmrok. Kids having fun with their sleds or building huge snowmen around the corner.

Zagreb winter - artistic

3- Rastoke:

For a quick day trip, Rastoke gives a nice fairy tale environment or the Shire in Lord of the Rings. With the snow covering the houses tops and small water falls running underneath, you are transported to another dimension.

Zagreb winter - Rastoke

You may also want to meet Daniel from Venezuela. He loves winter in Zagreb even more than summer. Check out his experience here 

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