What they didn't tell you about Plitvice

What they didn't tell you about Plitvice

It was our first time to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park. The reviews we read when we were preparing for the visit agreed on how magical the place is, which is true! But we have some notes and suggestions that can make the visit more enjoyable.

We started from Zagreb. On the way to Plitvice we stopped by Rastoke, a small city which is famous for a traditional mill. For us as fans of food that was a great addition. We were able to enter the mill and our short visit included a brief introduction of the history of the mill and how does it work. The visit including the guide was 10 kn per person. We also couldn’t miss the opportunity of buying few kilos of freshly grounded flour.

Rastoke mill
The mill

It took us about 2 hours from Zagreb to Plitvice by car. We arrived at entrance #1. We expected the crowd so we didn’t mind that we parked so far in the woods which is part of the parking that was fully booked. Parking was 7 kn per hour.

It is Summer time so the entrance ticket was 110 kn per person. A bit expensive but it seems not to be a problem for the visiting crowd from around the world.

Plitvice water falls

At the entrance we had to decide on the route. You need to ask yourself how long you can walk. It starts with Rout A which is 2- 3 hours and goes up to Rout K which is 6- 8 hours. We chose rout C which is 4- 6 hours and seemed to be a good option to experience the boat and the electrical car. It also included visiting the cave. The place is beautiful with all the different height waterfalls and azure blue lakes. It is exciting at the beginning but then it becomes repetitive. More lakes and more waterfalls. If you are not into hiking and want to sit, relax and enjoy the view you will be disappointed as you will rarely find a bench or a seat on the way.

Plitvice bridge

Another disappointment was the bridges. They are made of wood and at some areas they turn into steps that takes you to higher areas or lower areas. Unfortunately, the steps are of the same color and pattern as of the straight parts of the bridge and it happened that many people were trapped in those hidden steps and fell. To avoid falling we had to be so careful, always looking down which wasn’t giving us a chance to enjoy the view and the surroundings.

Plitvice steps
Hidden steps

When it comes to food, there were few cafes that offered fast food. We had our own sandwiches but in the middle we had coffee and  ice cream.

We will not describe the place in details we will leave this to the photos and videos. As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” .

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