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Theresa Khalil
Zagreb main square

I am  Theresa Khalil, an Egyptian documentary filmmaker who moved to Zagreb in July 2014 with my Croatian husband. Being an Expat was a bit challenging because of the language barrier. I started studying Croatian but it wasn’t that simple. It was difficult to do the simplest life tasks or to follow up with what is happening in the city because everything around me is speaking a different language. There were few touristic magazines and few flyers and brochures here and there in English, but they were not satisfying my need to connect as a local.

I felt the need to discover the unique face of the city and connect with it in English.

That’s how Unique Zagreb was born. I am in constant search for unique places, events, activities, offers or opportunities that locals know about and introducing them to expats and English speakers in Zagreb mainly through words in the blog, guide, podcast and visually through exclusive photos and videos. I am also creating unique meetups focused on culture and art.

Unique Zagreb has built over the past years a community of unique followers, expats and locals who are appreciative of the knowledge and activities provided.

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More about me on  http://www.theresakhalil.com/

More about our company on  http://isustavi.com

Unique Zagreb
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