Hrelić flea market on a foggy day

Hrelić flea market on a foggy day

Our latest unique event was a photography tour around Hrelić flea market. The market is held on Sunday and Wednesday from the early morning till 1 pm. Sunday is always a better choice because it’s the most popular for sellers and visitors. The weather wasn’t the best, foggy and cold but maybe it’s better than visiting in the summer with the dusty sweaty atmosphere.
It wasn’t easy to find the market, we met at Zapruđe tram stop and walked following google maps path which ended at Murati street, with the help of the locals, we found that crossing the corn field is the only way to reach the market and after about 15 min walking we finally saw the first glimpse of the market between the trees.

The market is a grand area for selling cars combined with another area for the other products which varies between new and used. Bargaining is recommended.You can find good catches of good quality and good price if you look carefully among these huge piles of different products.

As for food there are many local restaurants serving sandwiches of hot dog, burger, čevabi. You can also have a drink and rest after such a big tour in one of the bars or cafes around.

Joined by Ana Marquiza Quilicot from Philippines and Tamuriel Dillard from USA and their cameras, we got unique perspective of the Market.

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