Discovering Grič Tunnel in Zagreb

Discovering Grič Tunnel in Zagreb

Finally we were able to find Tunel Grič. Although it is in the center but it wasn’t easy to find the entrance in Ilica street because there were no signs, so how did we find it?

First of all the tunnel was built in 1945 with the aim of being a shelter from the Allied bombing attacks. It was later used in the early 90’s during the Croatian War of Independence.

Now it is becoming a touristic attraction and was opened to the public in summer 2016. The tunnel is 350 m long and during our visit, it was decorated for the Christmas, as we visited in December.

According to Google the entrance was in Mesnička ul. 19, which was not so difficult to find at night specially with all the lights inside. It was crowded at some points but you can still feel the buried history on the walls with all the stamped signs asking people to move slowly or keep being on the right side.

We entered through the Mesnička entrance and after our walk which was about 5 minutes we found ourselves in the other end of the tunnel where we exited at Ilica street number 8. That was a surprise because this entrance is not advertised or shown even on Google.

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