English speaking activities in Zagreb

English speaking activities in Zagreb

We have created over the past two years a list of English speaking activities with the aim of discovering the city and connecting locals and expats in a warm friendly atmosphere.

Our activities are more focused on culture and art. On meetup we have a group of over 400 members, through which you can join our monthly activities. Not only that but you can also share with your suggestions and recommendations for future meetups and events and be part of the unique Zagreb community.

Our latest meetup was Let’s Pizza and bla bla bla, we discovered a new Pizza restaurant recommended by you! The meetup turned into girls getaway for a mysterious reason.

We also created a movie club, where we meet, watch a film and discuss it in English. We started with a short documentary “Intimate stranger” and “42 One Dream Rush”. The meetup was held in the tea house and we are looking now for a bigger space more suitable for hosting the screenings. If you have suggestions send to contact@uniquezagreb.com

We also had this month the Chocolate and coffee festival photography tour, although the festival was canceled, we still met and took some photos at the center.

Photo tour

A Long list of events were created over the past two years and more to come. here you can find a list of them in case you want to know more about the places we discovered and how is it like to join our meetups.

Let’s drink tea and bla bla bla

Write articles and earn money workshop

Let’s make traditional Croatian gingerbread ornaments

Vegetarian food meetup

Zagreb by night photography tour

Jarun lake autumn photography tour

Let’s eat Ribice

Jarun picnic

Sljeme Hiking photography tour

Balinese food cooking workshop

Graffiti photography tour

Discovering a cafe

Maksimir autumn photography tour

Crafting evening

Hrelić flea market visit

International cooking meetups

Our coming meetup is Cheese, wine and bla bla bla 

Do you have a suggestion for a meetup? Let us know.

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