Is it Zagreb flea market or a yard sale?

Is it Zagreb flea market or a yard sale?

Are you looking for  Zagreb flea market or a yard sale? Well, Finally a yard sale took place in Zagreb and it was really unique!

It seems that people are not familiar with the expression “Yard sale”or “Garage sale” here, they only know the “flea market” such as Hrelić.

Zagreb flea market or Yard sale
Unique yard sale

As an English speaker who is not mastering the Croatian language it is not easy to know about what is going on in the city.  The idea came from Hatice from Turkey who was leaving Zagreb. She had a huge amount of stuff that she doesn’t need and with four children, the list of unneeded  items was very long. A list of toys, children clothes, shoes, dresses and even electronic devices.

By Hatice offering the space in her back yard, the yard sale was on. Three more sellers joined with home accessories, handmade cards, crafts supplies, cosmetics, books and more interesting items.

On a Sunday afternoon we were joined with few buyers, and then the magic happened! We found that sellers are buying from each other and even exchanging items. Ana offered Hatice a jar of homemade Jam, when Hatice offered Ana and Kaja some Turkish homemade Ajvar.
Then Kaja offered Hatice a wooden toy for her son from the products she is selling. The atmosphere was very friendly and warm, it was highlighted by  a continuous conversation that even the buyers couldn’t resist to join.

Remember you can always find interesting items for sale in our group Sell, donate, exchange Zagreb. We make sure that the description is posted in English so you can understand everything about the product offered and hopefully find a good catch.

This yard sale was organized by Unique Zagreb which is creating English speaking unique meetups for expats and locals, so make sure to follow us and signup for the newsletter.

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