Mission possible: Discovering a cafe

Mission possible: Discovering a cafe

What can you do in a city with a cafe around every corner?

Caffe galerija Lav was our meeting point and our mission was to discover what is it about, which we did!
Crew members for this mission were: Theresa from Egypt, Pau from Spain, Lygia from Brazil and Martina from Hungary.
The place was very cosy and make you immediately feel as if you are sitting in your livingroom with all those couches and beautiful, inspiring paintings on the wall.

What was a bit confusing is the toilet as you have to guess which is for females and which for males. The only clue is two paintings of two flowers one represents females and the other males. Most of us guessed it right.

Our orders varied between Ženski tea (women tea), tea with ginger and lemon – each of them came in a very big pot – Cacao and coffee, which were served in a very delicate vintage cups. Tea price was 20 kn, Cacao was 17 kn.
It was very relaxing and heartwarming to sit around our hot drinks and have a chat.

Cafe address: Opatička 2, Zagreb, Croatia

If you have been to this cafe before and want to share your experience don’t hesitate to leave your comment below or send to contact@uniquezagreb.com

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